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M.A.D tronics Studios

We create outside the box of entertainment.

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PC game prototype. 

Our Games
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The year is 3128, there are only a few cities left around the world.. Everyone from the wastelands loves Neon Light City. The only city where you can have a normal life. But now there is a female alien in the city who plans to create chaos.


Enki Dai was sent to earth to find En Lily, her sister and stop her from bringing back the AUG-MATES that destroyed the world in 2026 with their robotic AI abilities.

To her advantage, Enki Dai has an uncontrollable ability to see fragments of the future to help her in dangerous situations. Also, she has alien tech to walk on water. But most of all, she can summon the Guardian Spirit.


Get ready to experience a futuristic PC game. 


From time-to-time Enki Dai will need your help.  After she summons the Guardian Spirit (you), you will be using an AR portal to physically go into the PC game.  Getting the codes from the code room is time sensitive and Enki Dai will have to hold off the bad guys while you look for them. You must be fast because each code room has a time limit before the room blows up. The code will allow you to move forward in the PC game. 
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Every building in the game can be physically accessed through an AR portal. Basically, you can actually and physically visit Neon Light City.
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