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M.A.D tronics Studios

We create outside the box of entertainment.

back ground.jpg

PC game prototype. 

Our Games

Instead of a PC game we are moving to the future of AI gaming with AI portal gaming. This is AR not VR but you will be in the game.

Just like a PC game, this will be a first-person shooter with you being the first person. You will be able to choose various weapons. There will be AI controlled NPCs that will talk to you and interact with you. It will be in real time so there is no script. This will allow the experience to be different every time. 

You will be standing in your house, but the set will move so you don't trip over anything in your house. You will be able to walk the streets or anywhere with no problem.

The game will be in chapters, so you don't have to wait for years to play. There will be 7 AR portals in each chapter. We have expanded the story so there will be a lot of gameplay in each chapter.


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